Freight claims directly impact on your bottom-line, irrespective of who you are.
As an insurer, your claims ratio is impacted. As a cargo owner, a damaged consignment could mean a lost customer.
As a cargo carrier, this results in reduced margins.

Smart Working

Nowadays your Company can compete with the larger competitors without investing in IT infrastructures and very quickly. From the receipt of the notification, to the final settlement, the extranet system XClaim Port handles online the entire flow of data and documents generated by your Cargo Claims.

Online Service specialized in Freight Claims managing

Your strongest competitors can rely on large IT resources that handle all types of claims. These software solutions are therefore very generalist, rigid and inefficient, often based on outdated information architectures, without web interface, and with maintenance and upgrade costs that grow from year to year.
In addition, an operational staff shortage can put a strain on companies that need to respond effectively and efficiently.

The Client who uses XClaim Port platform gets more punctuality in the disposal of practices throughout the whole process, optimizes the use of human resources by automating the routine work with the existing stuff, and can concentrate on the more technical aspects of the profession, focusing on unusual situations.
A fast return of costs incurred for the use of the software is just as straightforward.
The drastic reduction of the compensated amounts, the result of the significant decrease of the settlement time, contributes to achieving even faster a positive roi.

The claims handling software for freight transport is developed in close cooperation with claims specialists, loss adjusters and TPA experts service providers. It is so intuitive and ergonomic that any operator is able to use it immediately. The application provides to risk managers the ability to perform statistical analysis, to identify any weak points of processes, or to seize the insurance market opportunities.
All users, from in-house managers, to survey during inspections, connect to the web application to exchange information about the practice.
Naturally, the Service is also accessible from mobile devices with an Android or iOS operating system.

Service customization

Is your Company ready to provide the internet platform XClaim Port to its customers?
The web pages of Service, with yourlogo and institutional Company colors, will have the graphic layout matching with your website or brochure. In fact, one of the ground rules to bring for customer retention is to maintain a coordinated corporate image in any sort of business communication.
This customization gives the system a unique and unmistakable appearance, with clear advantages also on strengthening your brand.

XClaim Port is scalable to customer requirements from single office deployments to multi-national Companies. Frequently it happens that our customers suggest to our staff improvements to the already good standard operating functions. Since this is a proprietary software, the possibility of implementing new functional modules that best meet your specific needs will be proactively evaluated.

The Service is provided in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.
Moreover, it is ready to be integrated with another language on your specific demand.

What is the cost?

Pricing depends on the number of claims you expect to process
We have the package tailored to your business.
So don't wait: contact us to know your best subscription tier.

Where is XClaim Port?

The Service is provided by our Server Farm based in Genoa (Italy), designed and built following quality and technological standards oriented to ensure the infrastructure's best level of security and service.
All the support systems are fully redundant and constantly checked. In case of anomaly, our reaction is immediate, preventing disruptions in service by receiving alerts before problems arise.
Xtranet Data Center is protected by sophisticated physical and logical systems, able to detect and promptly block any intrusion attempts.

dicono di noi

Skills & confirmations

After 14 years of experience in the loss adjusting sector, we decided to found our TPA consultancy and management company.
The goal was to guarantee customers the maximum efficiency and seriousness in the management of cargo claims and expertise.
After trying it, we chose the XClaim Port for two reasons.
First of all it is the only software dedicated to freight transport.
On the market there are countless solutions to manage claims of all kinds, too general for our needs.
Secondly, not having large sums to invest in order to set up a ced, this ready-to-use service was the perfect solution, both for low costs and for immediate availability.
The result was that we won new customers thanks to this tool, which allows them to always keep an eye on the progress of each practice.

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