Every Survey loaded on XClaim Port has 30 descriptive fields on hand, in addition to the unmissable and useful free text notes field! Moreover, from the inserting of a new Survey, you can already note 2 situations to be taken into account.

Search function

By this tool you can find the Survey of a specific Claim filling from 1 to 30 cross- search fields. Furthermore, the search results can be sorted alphanumerically in ascending or descending order.


XClaim Port keeps track of the state of progress of the Survey, saving it in the dedicated area.
Obviously you can decide if to allow the single situation online visible to everybody or only to the internal staff.

Documents required

From the useful check box list of standard required documents, created and managed by yourself, you can easily send the request by email. Then by this module you can check the required documents list and keep the list of documents already received updated.


The documents storage is efficiently managed by XClaim Port's function Survey attachment. Email with attachments and various format documents are quickly linked to the corresponding Survey file directly from your computer to the platform, or by an simple email forwarding. Nothing will be ever lost and everything will be immediately available online, chronologically, and only for the authorized users.


Directly from each Survey you have the possibility to send an email to the Customer, the Underwrite, to the Broker, or to an unknown recipient, automatically including the summary of the data in the body of the message. This useful module allows you not only to speed up the formal communications, but also to automatically record them on the system.

Claim sheet

It can often be useful to have a summary of the Survey report, complete with photos of the Cargo Claim.
Just one click to produce a preformatted .PDF file on the Loss Adjuster letterhead, with the essential data of the Left, accompanied by selected photos, printable in color, or to an email message attachable.


By this module you can generate invoices relating to the Survey, and keep a copy online. Each new invoice is composed by filling in a dozen fields, including the detail of the various items of the costs. The issue of any credit notes is also managed from here.
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