New Claim

Through this management section, you can record any data related to the Loss in 25 descriptive fields, endowed with an handy drop-down menus that refer directly to the database, and modify it later.
To each claim loaded, XClaim Port automatically assigns an internal reference code sequentially. Some fields must by mandatory filled to permit the platform to accept the input. Furthermore you have in hand a free text wide notes field, essential to integrate the description of a new Claim with useful details.

Advise Loss

This handy module permits to save time in the communications needed at the opening of a Claim.
By extracting the required Claim's data, this module provide to send the email with the preformatted model of the Advise Loss. The recipients can be simultaneously more then one, and you can choose them between Underwriters, Brokers already registered on the database, but also unknown. Before sending, you can always manually edit pre-formatted texts of all these standard communications.

Search tool

To track a particular Claim's file, or several Claims with features in common, for example the same Underwriter, you have a powerful search panel with more then 25 matching fields.

.XLSX spreadsheet export

You can export the borderaux's file from every search result by one mouse click only.


This feature performs the important task of monitoring the state of progress of a Claim file. In addition to your personal notes, here are automatically recorded in chronological order the first request for documents and the advise loss. Moreover you can decide if these notes can be visible only to your handlers, or to all users you authorized to access the platform.


By XClaim Port you can create a list of tipical documents, necessary for the Freight Claim management. The operator will have only to select them with a click from the list, choose the recipient, and send the documents request via email directly from the system. The list of documents received next to those already requested will always be available in the summary of the Claim.


As you can see, one of the strong points of XClaim Port Service is the Documents' flow management. Usually it is necessary to link to the Claim communications and documents in various formats: email with attachments, different kinds of files such as pictures and original paper documents. As soon as you receive the document attached to an email, you can quickly archive it in the corresponding Claim by easy forwarding the email itself to the system! Or you can upload the file document directly from your drive device to the management online software. So you will definitely eliminate the heap of paper documents from your desk. Their digital copy will be promptly available online wherever you are, by a simple internet connection.


From each Claim file you can send an email directly to the Underwriter, to the Broker or to the Company.
You can also compose a message in free text, with all the significant loss data automatically collected in the body. Even these official communications remain archived on the platform, online available at any time.


In case of damage recognition it is necessary to agree on a settlement. This XClaim Port function make the calculations, considering the insured value, excess percentage, deductible, survey and oppositional party legal fees. By this feature you can instantly make the settlement project, the shipping letter and the reimbursement receipt.
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